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Chashma Barrage wetland site is located Indus Monsoon Forest, some 25 km southwest of Mianwali Punjab Pakistan


The site comprises a large barrage, a water storage reservoir and a series of embankments (serving as flood bounds) which divide the reservoir into five shallow lakes at low water levels.It is located In North of Mianwali City Near about 34 km. Chashma is famous for its Berrage and beautiful lakes. Its Some area is in Punjab and Some other is in the area of D. I Khan Frontier.People Visited it and like to stay thier in its rest houses.

Chashma Have many Colonies which called Wapda colony atomic colony etc. There are Banks broanches in the area and chashma have very Famous High Level Schools and Collage. The Fush Pakora is best Dish on the Lake visit.


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 is a town of of Mianwali the Punjab province of Pakistan.It is located in Piplan Tehsil at 3227'0N 7128'0E and is administratively divided into two Union Councils.

Kundian is located on Mianwali- Dera Ismail Khan Road, about 18 km away from Mianwali city.

There are 2 Nuclear Power Plants of PAEC; Chashma Nuclear Power Plants 1 & 2. These plants are also sometime named as KNC (Kundian Nuclear Complex). WAPDA has also its Hydel Power Generation Plant in Kundian on Indus River.

Tourism Spots in KUNDIAN: Chashma Lake, Chashma Barrage, Indus River Culture of KUNDIAN: Kundian is in Saraiki region of Punjab.

Schools in KUNDIAN:Jauhar Lyceum School PAEC Model School and College for Boys and Girls

Banks in KUNDIAN: MCB Bank Chashma Barrage Askari Bank Chashma Barrage National Bank

Chashma Barrage Jobs in KUNDIAN:

There are many job opportunities for Professionals/ Engineers/ Associate Engineers and other skilled and un-skilled persons in different projects of PAEC and WAPDA in Kundian.
Roads and Transportation in KUNDIAN:

Kundian is linked with Mianwali, Sargodha, DI Khan and Multan via Road.

Railway Stations in KUNDIAN: Kundian has a Railway Junction.

Telephone and Mobile Communication in KUNDIAN: All major mobile phone companies have their set up in KUNDIAN along with landline telephone network of PTCL


Khanqah Sirajia Mianwali


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